} Yuvraj Singh join hands with HoloSuit as its Investor and Brand Ambassador

The versatile cricketer, Yuvraj Singh has come onboard as the Brand Ambassador for the Sports wing at Holosuit as a part of the deal. He is also a major investor in the company.

Holosuit is an AR/VR based tech startup which recently raised a handsome fund. It offers user mixed reality experiences with their cutting-edge technique. The company has already signed orders from Bollywood actors, Italian Car Manufacturers, India’s Defense Manufacturer, Asia’s Electricity Distributor, Filmfare winning Music Director, Japanese Robotics Pioneer and others. It has already launched its two versions of suit a couple of months back, which will let you feel the virtual experience throughout the body with sensors and haptic feedback devices that send vibrations to your body when a VR application sees fit. 

Speaking on the occasion, Yuvraj commented,I believe what Holosuit has built is just amazing, it's the next generation learning and training suit using XR which can be used in various fields including sports, health, entertainment, games, factory training and many more. I am thrilled to be part of this tech initiative which will leapfrog us to next level of learning, extremely proud to see this innovation coming out of India. The feature that I am looking forward in the sports vertical at Holosuit will provide sports lovers the ability to train in virtual reality using AI and at the same time use Holosuit in real world to track their progress, it will also simplify & help athletes to understand the techniques better of their respective sports.”

Harsha Kikkeri, CEO, Holosuit, says that,Through HoloSuit based sports training across cricket and other academies, we will be able to track a sportsperson’s progress objectively and identify and promote talent from an early stage regardless of their geographical location”.

With this game changing technology, we can't wait to have a glimpse of the advanced future. 

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